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Meet the Band Members

Sum of Talented Parts


Dave Mullen

Founder & Director

A band wouldn't be complete without its leader. Dave has been playing trumpet for nearly 60 years. His experience includes Jackson high school band, U.S. Air Force Honor Guard, Community bands, worship bands, and other big bands in the area. Dave's vision for DJ's Rock 'n Roll Big Band has brought together an extremely talented and fun group.


Andrew McNutt

Lead Vocalist

Andrew is truly a shining star. Crowds always love seeing the band in full performance mode, and DJ's Rock 'n Roll Big Band couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible singer up on stage.


Shivaun Frere

Lead Vocalist

Shivaun began singing in front of crowds in 1984. She has been singing and performing in church, school, college, and community theater ever since. Shivaun's love for the big band sound stems from fond memories of standing on her grandpa's feet while he danced to the live band at his favorite Akron restaurant, Sanginitis.

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Dr. Tom Freeland

Guitar & vocalist

Tom became intrigued with guitar after seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show; and then later, Jimi Hendrix. He worked summer jobs as a kid to save for his first guitar, which he purchased at age 18. Over the last 45 years, Tom has played in bluegrass, rock, and funk bands, as well as a small rock group called T Free and the Panic Attacks. Tom believes that, "music is the best thing that humans do aside from loving each other."

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James Drain

Keyboard/ Piano & back-up vocals

Jimmy D. says that picking the piano was a natural choice since they had one at home that his Dad played. Starting at a young age, Jim tickled the ivories all through school and still plays over 65 years later. He is currently also a member of The Not Quite Saints Dixieland Band, The Akron Big Band, The Windjammers Big Band & a 2-piece ensemble with his sister. Jim says he loves all kinds of music and will always play as long as he is able.

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Keith Dyer

Bassist & vocalist

Keith's love for music and rhythm first had him pick up a bass guitar when he got out of the Army. He joined a band with a group of friends, and has been playing in church since 1994. He loves that the bass "helps establish groove and dynamic interplay between the drums and other instruments". Keith says he feels "privileged to play with such a great group of musicians who share a love of music from various genres... especially the 50's, 60's, and 70's".

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Bryan Harris

Tenor Sax

After a brief hiatus following high school bands and ensembles to pursue his career, Bryan quickly got involved with many local church and community bands and theaters; starting with his clarinet. Since then, Bryan has built an extensive repertoire playing almost every wind instrument (except the bassoon), and all types of music. Bryan has performed in numerous groups (too many to list here) including the pop/rock groups The Wanderers, and Jimmy and the Soul Blazers.
DJ's Rock 'n Roll Big Band is honored to have Bryan as part of the team.


John Trembly

Alto Sax

John Trembly started playing alto saxophone in 1999 as part of Walsh University’s Instrumental Ensemble to impress a girl. It worked, and he has been married to her for the last 18 years.  After graduation he continued his musical endeavors with the Canal Fulton Community Band, later joined Ron Vogelgesang’s Musical Memories Orchestra and then joined DJ’s Rock and Roll Big Band.

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Mark Esber

Bari Sax

The only thing that Mark loves more than playing his sax is raising his family. Mark has always liked the sound of the saxophone, which is why he started playing at age 16. He says, "music provides an escape from reality. It brings me joy, and joy to others". Mark still plays with the Canal Fulton Community Band, The Akron Big Band, and The Musical Memories Orchestra.


Dan Bernard


Dan decided to learn the drums when he was 8 years old because he "thought it was cool!". Over the last 56 years he has played in high school marching band, church band, and the USAF Tops in Blue. To this day, he also plays for the Jay Secrest Project and MSB Tribute. Dan claims the most enjoyable part about playing with DJ's Rock 'n Roll Big Band, is playing with seasoned, quality musicians...and we think that's pretty cool!


Kevin Wallick


Kevin is a lifelong resident of Ohio who has been playing the trumpet for nearly 50 years. He has been a member of the Medina County community band since 2016, lead trumpet in the Akron Big Band, and now stars in DJ's Rock 'n Roll Big Band with his amazing ability to hit the highest notes.

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Jim Linkie


Initially inspired by his first grade class mates, Jim has been playing trumpet for 75 years. His love for music (and the trumpet) have placed Jim in elementary, high school, college, and church bands, as well as the OSU Alumni Band, Canal Fulton Community Band, The Freedom Brass Band of N.E. Ohio, The Heritage Concert Band, The Orrville Community Band, and now DJ's R & R Big Band.

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Susan Swab


Following in her aunt's footsteps, Sue picked up the family trombone and started playing in the fifth grade. Her love of music had her study music ed at BGSU. Sue continues to play in the Western Reserve Community Band & Big Band, as well as the Stow Symphony Orchestra, and has been playing for 58 years. Sue has great fun playing the music she grew up with in DJ's Rock 'n Roll Big Band.

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Bill Roubanes


Bill decided to play the trombone in 4th grade because it "just looked cool". He played all through high school and then spent 5 years with the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps. After a long break, Bill has joined DJ's Rock 'n Roll Big Band and also plays for the Bluecoats Alumni. Bill feels that being in a band is the only place that the word teamwork rings true.